Affiliate Program For A High Ticket Product Launch

“5 Million Dollar Worth Rainmakers Coach Blueprint” –
High Ticket Launch Affiliate Program – JV Invite

2 tier affiliate opportunity – high payout – $1,000+ per sale in commissions!

Congratulations, you’ve just found and can join, what many call, “The Most Impactful Program In The Master Coaching Niche”…

If you have ever wanted to make an impact on the state of affairs on this planet, AND earn 6-7 figure income while doing so, you cannot miss this launch.

Let’s meet… My name is Olga Kostrova and I am a Rainmakers’ Coach

My unconventional approach to inner transformation,  accountability processes, dramatic performance improvements, winning strategies and easy to follow tactics will guarantee your success as a JV partner.

See some of many testimonials for my work and the work of my former client and now business and life partner.

Not only will this program make you more money, faster, than many programs you have marketed, but also leave you feeling fulfilled, knowing you have just contributed to happiness and self-actualization for thousands of people…

Now, let’s talk money…
$1,000 per sale in affiliate commissions (and in some cases as much as $5,000+ per sale). If that’s not enough then we don’t know what is!  😉

The beauty of this opportunity – you don’t need to drive massive traffic to make a million, you just need to attract targeted leads with quality marketing.


40% direct commission from the digital program and 20% from high end 1on1 clients
10% in JV broker commission if you choose to refer affiliates with whom you’re associated.
plus $100,000 in cash as bonus, and a Lamborghini (!)

This is a master coaching program for those who are looking to influence the destiny of our planet.

My team would like to reward you for supporting this program.

We are offering killer cash bonuses – $100,000 in cash to EVERYONE who meets the criteria below. (And hey, you don’t even need to bother about competing for it. It’s not a contest!). It’s pure performance bonuses!

Here’s what affiliates GET AS A CASH BONUS:

  1. $100,000 if you refer 100+ students for online training, and at least 10 of them convert to 1on1 high end coaching (at rate $5,000/month) and stay with a member of my coaching team for a minimum of 1 year.
  2. $50,000 if you refer 100+ students for online training and at least 5 of them stay as 1on1 high end coaching clients (at rate $5,000/month) with one of my student-coaches for a minimum of 6 months.


  1. Lamborghini for those JV partners who attract other high performing affiliates to this 2 tier program and their collective sales for all our digital products in 2015 exceeds $3,000,000. (Note, we will be launching many great new programs within the next 12 months, so your JV network will have plenty of opportunities to shine!)


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SALES FUNNEL for this program looks like this:

Free opt-in magnets:

  • 2 weeks of free elite coaching (Examples of Opt-in pages: LP 1, LP 2, LP 3 or topic specific “entry points”: LP4, LP5, LP6.)
  • free 90 min Webinar “How To Become A Rainmakers’ Coach & Build A High Impact / High Revenue Coaching Practice”, where attendees learn how to influence economic, political & social leaders and profit big time. (Example of a registration page)
  • free 15 day challenge “Kick-start your coaching business in 15 days”.


Product 1: 6 week online course “5 Million Dollar Worth Rainmakers’ Coach Blueprint” ($695 with 50% off for early birds) – I will share strategies for coaches that are not used anywhere else! (Example of a sales page)

Product 2. Group coaching: membership/group coaching – “5 Million Dollar Worth Rainmakers’ Coach – 30 day experiment” ($995 with 20% off for early birds)

Product 3. 3 months of 1-on-1 coaching with me at $5,000/month ($15,000 with 50% off for early birds).

Disclaimer: Some changes might apply as some elements of the program might be modified.

There is no limit to your earning potential.

Our digital training programs can be sold in unlimited quantity, and my team of top-notch student-coaches can handle a high volume of clients as an upsell for high-end coaching.

With this digital training my team can further scale our successful coaching business and help deliver transformational insights into the hands of thousands of people who are looking for emotional support in their lives, better tools and techniques to handle life’s challenges, and yes, better business processes to live a life worth living.

We have been doing such an awesome job coaching our clients that more and more coaches come to us to advance their practice using my unique methodology.

Today we train not only individual business owners but also many life coaches, spiritual coaches, executive coaches, business coaches, career and relationship coaches, you name it… So, digital training for coaches is ready for you to grab and market. When marketing our programs you can be assured – she guarantees profound transformation.

You can sign up for this affiliate program here, it will transform your life as well.  😉


  • An opportunity to earn 6-7 figures fast with this high payout program
  • A number of high converting sales funnels (that combine high converting webinars and super-converting 1on1 high end introductory coaching sessions) you can opt your visitors into
  • My affiliate team will be sending you emails with many tips and tricks that will help you promote my programs
  • Many banners, email templates and text links to use in your promotion

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So, sign up for our affiliate program now!

My customers pay top dollar for coaching, and she will pass top dollars on to you! She will give your customers incredible value, so your contact lists will grow and retain. You can feel good knowing that your converted lists are well taken care of as my team works to over-deliver and has a happy, constantly-growing client base to prove it.

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  1. How to deliver great coaching sessions that will draw customers to stay for years
  2. The challenges of the coaching industry and how to overcome them
  3. How to prepare to become a great partner to clients
  4. How to design a business model that suits their needs
  5. How to avoid myths about market niches for coaches & how to pick their niche the easy way
  6. Where to find high paying clients off-line
  7. What to do when they get in front of prospective clients
  8. How to optimize their sales process
  9. Why their prospects don’t buy and how to fix it
  10. Why their free introductory sessions don’t convert, how to deliver them correctly and how to tweak their delivery and sales processes
  11. How to create $50,000+/year clients
  12. How to master the game of “objections”
  13. How to “seduce” high paying clients
  14. How to publicize their coaching programs offline
  15. How to market their coaching programs online
  16. What is the easiest, the most profitable yet FREE social media strategy that nobody uses and how to build their entire business with it (I will teach you my secret sauce)
  17. How to build a sales funnel like a ninja
  18. Her favorite set of on-line marketing tools and how to use each technology
  19. How to scale their business by creating an informational product and marketing it online –a step-by-step guide from creation to final sale
  20. How to become a webinar marketing master
  21. How to create lead a generation machine and sales opportunity by building smashing email sequences
  22. How to create lead generation programs so they can pick only clients they want to work with
  23. How to get high value coaching clients to “close” themselves
  24. How to bridge the gap in knowledge and skills fast to become a better coach for high-end clients
  25. How to overcome their resistance to “selling” and master the art of persuasion
  26. How to boost their productivity and scale their business with ease
  27. How to deliver accountability sessions that “close” clients on taking action, and “close” prospects on signing-up as “clients”
  28. How to get their current clients pay double your price
  29. How to prospect and turn each conversation into future coaching opportunities
  30. Why they should stop giving away free sample sessions and instead triple their closing ratio with my 60/60/15 rule

…and much more…

So, sign up for this affiliate program now and let’s rock!

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